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Soto Outdoors

 Is there anything better than packing up the tent and hitting the trails? To find that quiet corner of the woods and make it your temporary home? We don't think so. For our camping enthusiasts, we've got new gear for you!

We are excited to announce the addition of several new products from Soto Outdoors for our customers who want to set out on their own camping adventures. Soto engineers have dedicated themselves to creating products that create a maximum sustainable flame in the least possible amount of time. Soto's products are devices that can be trusted to function in extreme cold and chilling winds so that you can choose your trip whatever the weather.

The Soto Outdoors Windmaster Stove boils 2 cups of water in under 2-1/2 minutes in strong winds and gusty weather. This well-made stove is able to stand up to harsh conditions. It is designed so the pot sits close to the flame, making it more efficient in windy weather. The combo comes with the Triflex and 4Flex pot supports. The concave design of the burner head creates the effect of a built-in windscreen. The interchangeable pot supports make this stove efficient for whatever size pot your adventure requires. 

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