FCS KeyLock Safe and Secure Car Combination Lock Box

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  • FCS Keylock is a portable weather protected combination lock that can attach to a number of points on your car. It secures your keys or anything else you can fit inside with up to 10000 combinations so you can beach, surf, swim, run, hike, etc freely.
  • Includes hardened Steel Shackle coated in Soft Plastic. Gives you the peace of mind to secure your valuables and your vehicle without letting thieves ruin your fun.
  • Foam Backed Body avoids scratches on your car. Hang on you door handle, trailer hitch, or any number of locations on your vehicle.
  • Weather Protected 4-digit combination lock box with 10000 combinations. Keep your valuables safe and dry.
  • Includes a proximity key blocker for keyless remote entry vehicles. Put your smart key fob into the included proximity key blocker to prevent thieves from entering your vehicle.