Backwater Assault Fishing Hand Paddle

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The ASSAULT Kayak Fishing Hand Paddles allows you the opportunity to fish, photograph or hunt while moving your boat simultaneously. You DO NOT have to put your fishing rod or camera down and break out a seven foot paddle to move your boat a few yards to stalk your prey. Simply placing the ASSAULT Hand Paddle between your legs, or within easy reach, provides immediate access to a simple propulsion mode. You will never have to let loose of your fishing rod, camera, hunting gear or lose sight of moving prey. A few stealthy strokes from the ASSAULT Kayak Fishing Hand Paddle places you back on target.

Fishing and stalking has never been so easy for the paddle sports fishermen!!

  • Can be used with one hand.
  • Slim profile and lightweight design.
  • Hook feature to grab your line or dock, serrated edge can be used to launch yourself off solid surfaces.
  • Made of strong, fade resistant plastic.
  • Portable size and weight.
  • Made in USA.