Dawn to Dusk Sideburn 6

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Side loading cages are becoming increasingly popular, they are ideal for small frames or full suspension mountain bike frames where space is at a premium. D2D's sideburn provides maximum grip force while keeping weight and cost down. The Sideburn 6 cage provides a minimum retaining force of 6lb (2.7 Kgs), a weight of 39 grams. This cage is made for terrain and obstacles no greater than 2 inches (51 mm), making it the perfect solution for gravel roads, fire roads, and moderate singletrack. Features Rugged glass filled nylon composite construction. 
  • Design: Deep cut, single sided design allows for fast and easy bottle removal even in smaller bike frames; Engineered funnel mouth allows for blind self-guided bottle insertions; Wide bottom shelf supports heavy and oversized bottles
  • Use: Easily mounts with included bolts; Oval mounting holes allow for fine tuning cage placement; Perfect for frame mounting
  • Purpose: Designed for gravel bike and cross-country mountain bike use; Provides firm and secure water bottle retention in rough terrain; This cage is ideal for limited space frames where traditional cages don't fit.
  • Material: Strong, ultra-lightweight (39 grams), nylon composite cage is calibrated to provide 6 pounds of Grip Force on your water bottles
  • Durability: Designed to be high impact resistant; Backed by a 3 year limited warranty