Katherine Homes 7-Panel Hats - Wolves Who Howl

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Grey Wolves

Who wants to get up and howl for the protection of wolves? We do!! And this is the perfect hat to show your support and remind you to speak up and educate others on why we must protect them. 

Grey wolves once roamed freely throughout North America, in numbers estimated at some 2 million now there are an estimated 150,000 left. The wolf weighs up to 175 lbs, has its own unique howl, detects smell miles away, lives in packs ranging from 2 to 30 members, and mourns when family members are lost. 

They are threatened by hunters (protecting livestock) and loss of habitat. Their biggest threat are humans. Without healthy wolf populations, ecosystems are thrown out of balance and predators act as checks on populations further down the food chain.

Saving wolves means also saving fragile and complex ecosystems on which thousands of species rely—while also conserving an important piece of our national heritage.

  • KATHERINE HOMES ARTWORK: Putting a spotlight on threatened wildlife, wildlands and the importance of conservation efforts through affordable and functional design. Katherine uses a blind contour technique for most of her work and hand paints all the designs using watercolor on wood.
  • CLOTHING WITH A MESSAGE: A percentage of your proceeds goes to 1% For the Planet and a variety of organizations working to protect the wild. These hats were created with a belief that business should be driven by passion and the desire to better the world.
  • ADJUSTABLE SNAP BACK: Adjust your baseball cap to your desired size. This Medium Profile hat is one size fits most. SIZE: 56-62cm.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT MESH BACK: The trucker style cooling mesh back allows for a breeze on hot days. Allows you to keep cool and keep the sun out of your face while exploring outdoors.