Soto Outdoors Thermostack Combo Camping Cookware Set

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The solution for lightweight backpacking is the Thermostack Cook Set Combo. Boil liquid in the 750ml pot. Pour hot liquid into the thermostack to maintain the heat. Use remaining hot liquid to prepare meals - boil water for instant noodles or hot drinks. Make your own double walled Thermostack by combining the 350ml and 400ml cups. 
  • 350 ml/12 oz Stainless steel cup
  • 400 ml/14 oz Titanium cup
  • 750 ml pot
  • Large size Lid
  • Cozy (Insulation + carry case)
  • Use as single-wall lightweight cup or lightweight double-wall cup
  • Lifter for ease of heating on camping stove

*stove & fuel not included