Tilos Osmos Boots 1.5mm

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The Osmos by Tilos is the next generation in minimalist water shoes.  The unique ventilated neoprene on the upper provides UV and thermal protection without creating a clammy feel when things heat up. The tatex rubber sole is vented to allow water to flow through but keeps sand out for maximum comfort. There is no midsole so you get a barefoot feel making the Osmos perfect for sports like surfing, SUP, or volleyball.  The tatex rubber also protects your feet on hot surfaces.  Perfect for the hot days on the sand.
  • 1.5mm neoprene upper and instep.
  • Smoothskin ankle cuff keeps sand and dirt out.
  • Uses: Stand up paddle, surfing, kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, jetskiing, boating, beach walking, parasailing, fin socks, snorkeling, lake-river-beach walking, sailboarding, pool, sand, swimming, surfing, yoga, shower, etc.
  • Vented sole allows water to drain.
  • Tatex outsole provides outstanding grip in wet or dry conditions.