Wooden Handled Pig Tail Food Flipper

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Our favorite new grilling tool and the only tool you need for your next barbecue! The sharp spiral snare at the end of Pigtail’s tapered stainless steel shaft is cleverly designed to lightly pierce the edge of virtually any solid food. A quick flip of the wrist and the food is turned over. Pigtail can handle almost anything from an 8 lb. rack of ribs -to hot dogs - steaks - chicken - bacon - French toast - shrimp - vegetables - you name it! The 19 inch Pigtail is great for tailgating, but it is equally as versatile in the kitchen. The 12-inch Pig Tail is a wizard at stovetop sauteing - griddle work - even in a wok! This set of two PigTails comes in a great looking solid wood gift box with brass fittings.
  • Turns, flips, moves & carries food in a flash
  • Does not scrape up or grease like a spatula
  • Does not bleed or mark meats
  • Replaces tongs, forks, spatula