XLAB Multi-Strike Repair Holder

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Fits on all DELTA systems, Carbon Wing, and SUPER WING carriers.

Features and Benefits

The versatile MULTI-STRIKE provides fast access to your repair kit, whether you have tubular or clincher tires.

  • Repair bags are a thing of the past!
  • Tuck your repair kit into a tidy compact space for that aero advantage
  • Clincher setups can carry a tube, tire levers, CO2 cylinders & an inflator
  • Tubular setups can carry a full tubular tire and inflating foam sealant
  • VERSATILE MOUNTING - Will mount on Delta single bottle systems or at the rear of the XLAB Carbon Wing and Super Wing.
  • STORAGE SAVER - Mounts to your hydration carrier, saving space in your storage bag for your cell phone, nutrition and other important items.
  • FAST ACCESS - Simply unscrew, and attach your inflator and CO2 cartridges. Simply unstrap your spare tire, tube or inflating foam sealant.

Multiple Configurations

The CO2 Holder holds 2 CO2 Cartridges and a Nanoflator or Speed Chuck inflator. 
The Multi Holder can hold a tube, inflating foam sealant, tire mate or tubular tire (must purchase optional XCW Strap if storing a tubular tire)