Yakgear Canoe & Kayak Outrigger Gen 2

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The new Gen 2 YakGear outriggers help you feel safe and secure in your kayak or canoe by utilizing the stabilizing effects of the newly re-designed YakGear Amas. Stability while paddling is a problem for some paddlers. Whether you are standing to sight cast at fish, traversing through choppy waters, or paddling with the kids, the YakGear Outrigger system provides a more comfortable paddling experience. The YakGear Outriggers provide an easy to install safety net for everything from rocking back and forth to toppling into the water. The outriggers are attached by using a RAILBLAZA StarPort base (included) mounted to the boat. They can be removed at any time making your watercraft easy to transport, leaving only the RAILBLAZA base.

  • Includes 2 outriggers for the port and starboard side of your watercraft. 
  • 30 inches long providing a float base roughly 22 inches from the side of the boat.
  • Adjustable outrigger arms can be raised independently if you are getting close to a dock or other obstruction.
  • Includes 2 adjustable Outrigger arms and floats, 2 Ralblaza Starport HD mounts, all stainless-steel installation hardware, installation instructions, and rigging tips from YakGear.
  • The Re-designed Yakgear amas provide stability when paddling is a problem. 
  • Add a RAILBLAZA MiniPort base (not included) to give you the ability to mount another RAILBLAZA StarPort accessory of your choice (amazing camera angles using the Railblaza Camera Kit ).